[Scottish] processors

Claudio Calvelli Uilebheist at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 15 10:50:34 GMT 2006

> Claudio-
> 	The 8088 was the 16 bit chip, indeed, but it had an 8 bit adress bus.
> The 8086 was superior to the '88 because it was a true 16bit cpu, 
> incorporating a 16bit address bus. The 8087 complements it to provide real 
> (floating point) calculations.

Yes, that's what I meant, more or less.

> I'm showing my love for all things old a bit, aren't I?
> http://www.aliross.co.uk/museum

Any use for a PDP-11/73? I haven't switched it on in years but it
does work.


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