[Scottish] processors

Claudio Calvelli Uilebheist at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 15 12:06:19 GMT 2006

> > Any use for a PDP-11/73? I haven't switched it on in years but it
> > does work.

Apologies I meant PDP-11/53 (actually very similar)

> What's in it?

/me goes looking inside the PDP-11

KDJ11-D/S CPU board with a 15MHz CPU, 1536 (count 'em) kilobytes of RAM,
two serial ports

One DHQ11 LINE ASYNC COMMS board, adding 16 more serial ports

TK50 tape unit and M7546 controller (and one tape)

Seagate ST-251 40Mb hard drive
with M7555 RQDX3 MFM disk and floppy controller

Sadly, no M7504 ethernet in it, and given you can buy a new computer for
the price one of these sell I don't think I'll be putting the PDP-11 on
the network, unless I can use the 18 serial ports for MLPPP...

No software on it, it appears to have been wiped clean before it reached
me, but it will run BSD 2.11 if anybody can write a TK50 tape or has a
QBUS system which can take the TK50 controller.


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