[Scottish] Glasgow Green Map Project

hannah clinch keygrips at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 15 13:31:55 GMT 2006

Hello, I am in the process of developing a Green Map project for Glasgow.

The project aims to make Glasgow a more sustainable city through the
creation of a locally focused web based Green Map and a series of
thematic paper based maps on issues such as recycling and reuse,
transport, food......

Green Maps are locally created maps that chart the social, cultural and
environmental resources using the Green Map Icon system.

This is an example of a web based Google Mash up Green Map of Cork

I wondered if there was anyone who would be interested in creating a similar resource for Glasgow as a pilot project?

Also, for market research purposes, I would really appreciate it if you could
take 5 mins to answer the 6 questions below and return to hannah at radiusglasgow.org

1. Do you think a web based Green Map would help you to reduce your
impact on the environment?
Delete non applicable.
yes - if yes explain how
don't know

2. What information would you find most useful on a Glasgow Green Map?
Please delete the options you would not find useful.

The location of recycling points
The location of charity shops
The location of green spaces
The location of fair trade/organic food shops
The location of blight sites or fly tipping
The location of bus and bike lanes
The location of historic buildings
Finding out about green events
Other (please specify)

3. Is climate change an issue of concern for you?
Delete non applicable.

4. Do you feel the that Glasgow City Council is doing enough to address
climate change and protect the Glasgow environment? Delete non applicable.

5. Do you think that you have a responsibility towards the preservation
of the environment ? Delete non applicable.

6a Would you like the opportunity to use your skills to improve protect
the environment? Delete non applicable.

6b. What are your skills?

Thank you for your time.

Hannah Clinch
Tel: 07780 60 40 31 or 0141 423 9412

Address: Flat 3/2, 21 Boyd st, Glasgow, G42 8AF
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