[Scottish] processors

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Wed Nov 15 18:10:33 GMT 2006

Claudio Calvelli wrote:

> No other removable media... but I am thinking it may be possible to
> install a DEC o/s using a pdp-11 emulator (with any emulated removable
> media which may be necessary) but making the emulator access the
> real pdp-11's MFM disk during install - I do have a MFM controller
> for a PC.

That's generally not possible.  MFM controllers are very specific about 
the way data is laid down on the drives - when the controller in my 
11/73 died I needed to low-level format the drives before I could use 
them again.  Backups are Good Things.

> You all may be looking forward to telnetting into a real pdp-11 when
> I manage to do that.

I had that running for a while, but the heat, noise and electricity bill 
got a bit much.  Now we're into the colder weather though...


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