[Scottish] Programmers 'knitting' circle (in PHP) at Electron Club

magnus lawrie m.lawrie at gmx.net
Sat Nov 25 16:33:38 GMT 2006

Programmers 'knitting' circle (in PHP).

Beginning Tuesday 28th November 6.00pm,
Electron Club at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Learn to program from the ground up and from back to front.

What are programming languages for? What problems do they aim to solve
and in which ways do they reach solutions? Starting with the popular web
programming language PHP, we will identify practical programmatic
problems and taking these as a starting point, identify and use the
building blocks standard to many computer languages in order to create
our solutions. In each case, we'll try to understand a problem before we
locate suitable tools to work on it.

Regular meetings of the group are intended to be a mixture of workshop
and participant-led study. The aim is to bring together people with a
range of creative talents (Coders and Knitters alike) in order to build
a broad based way to collective learning.

N.B. For constructing solutions we may use knitting needles or cranes.

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Contact: info at electronclub.org

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