[Scottish] Bookshop trip 07/11/06

willie willie at itscotland.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 5 20:17:25 BST 2006

If you are interested in an out-of-hours visit to a bookshop with free (as in 
beer) beer and an extra10% discount on top of already keen prices then please 
read the article (comments, flames welcome -it's our wiki)  and add your name 
to the list on 


NOte that this will be an _extra_ meeting and it doesnt replace any of the 
usual "last Thursday " meets.
I ve rattled my gums about this for a while now and its time to get it 
together. It will need a minimum of 12  to make it work and I would like to 
get some definate expressions of interest from folks so I can confirm with 
the bookshop owner.
If the date doesn't suit you , please say so and suggest an alternative. 
Thursdays are NOT good for the owner, thats why this is an extra trip and not 
taking the place of a regular meeting

We can organise  city-centre meeting points and transport etc etc a lot better 
once I have some definate ideas of numbers. For now though, don't worry about 
getting there or finding the place, that will come together later. 
Probably meet in the CH at ~6:45-7:00 and then a bus-savvy person will lead 
you to the correct stop or we will have a few cars to ferry folk who can't 
get to the southside on their own. 

Best Regards
Willie Fleming

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