[Scottish] Introduction...

Callum Noble callum at citizen-erased.co.uk
Wed Oct 18 21:15:49 BST 2006


Just posting a little note to say hello.

I've recently moved into the Glasgow area (East Kilbride) and looking 
for some stuff locally to get involved with.

I studied in Edinburgh before but never got involved much with edlug 
over there. Should have more time now to come along to meetings though.

Been using linux in some form for around six years (although use OS X at 
  home now). Running various things on a bytemark vm (debian), and at 
home have a couple of Linksys boxes running linux - a NSLU2 (debian) and 
WRT54G (openwrt).

So hello.
I should be along to the next meeting so I look forward to meeting some 
of you then.


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