[Scottish] I have a virus

Mike Pento mjpento at comcast.net
Mon Apr 23 13:02:46 BST 2007

Hi John,

I don't think so, if I am not mistaken, viruses in Word documents
usually use things like ActiveX stuff, exploiting Microsoft's judicious
use of COM in all of its Office applications.

I am pretty sure that you are fairly safe in a Linux environment, as I
don't believe that those COM components are supported.

Hope this helps,
Michael J. Pento (#scotlug :: goshawk1)
mjpento at comcast.net

On Mon, 2007-04-23 at 07:33 +0100, John Gordon Ollason wrote:

> Greetings,
> 	I received a panic phone call yesterday evening from somebody who told me  
> that she had sent me an e-mail with a virus attached. I had received the  
> e-mail, and opened the attachment, a .DOC file, with OpenOffice 2.0  
> working under Fedora Core 4.
> Can I have harmed my system by doing this?
> I don't think I can, but I'd be grateful for some reassurance.
> Thanks,
> John O.
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