[Scottish] [JOBS] Software Developer Vacancy

Robert Lazzurs rob at lazzurs.net
Wed Aug 1 14:11:32 BST 2007

XCalibre Communications Ltd. is looking to employ a solid and
experienced Software Developer to strengthen our small engineering

We are in the process of releasing a revolutionary Utility Computing
product into the market that even beats Amazon's amazing EC2  (more
info available at www.FlexiScale.com [www.flexiscale.com]). Early beta
tests and countless discussions with existing and potential customers
have indicated that the market can't wait to get their hands on this
new service. It will change the way SME's and even larger PLC's
provision their infrastructure and opens a huge opportunity for a well
established Scottish player. We have the ambition and the willingness
to be involved in creating new open standards in this new field and
you could play be the key person to drive these efforts.

Interested to be part of a team that will write history? If you tick
most of the boxes below and are intrigued then get in touch - details
are below.

 *  Computer related degree or equivalent experience
 *  Specific training in relevant computer languages desired
General skills:
 *  Good understanding of computer networks
 *  Practical experience with Linux
 *  Practical experience with Windows Server (not essential)
 *  Used to development environments
 *  Good understanding of the Open Source environment
Languages and standards:
 *  Apache/Perl/PHP/MySQL
 *  PostgreSQL (desired)
 *  Java
 *  SOAP
Work experience:
 *  Experience in a hosting or infrastructure environments would be
advantageous but not required
 *  Experience in designing API's and related Security Frameworks
hugely advantageous
 *  Experience in creating new open standards
The salary range is negotiable, the post is open immediately.

If you are interested in the role, please send your details to
XCalibre's COO Philipp Huber (philipp.huber at xcalibre.co.uk) or call
him on 01506 606 020.

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