[Scottish] Linux Meeting Tomorrow Night - 7pm - Dundee[Scanned]

Arron M Finnon afinnon at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 29 17:06:30 BST 2007

Well good news guys, we meet every fortnight so your bound to be about
for one of them.  Dan Shearer recommend that i put a bit up on the
ScotLUG wiki with our meeting dates on -  so here is the URL -

if any of you guys have a couple of minutes to spare we are currently
getting ready for our freshers fair coming on 19th of September - It's
kinda of our big intake of new users.  We are currently running a
temporary forum where we can get ideas and tips for new users coming to
Linux ready for the event.  There is a few howto's and some constructive
criticism is welcomed at the moment and if you have any ideas that would
help as well, you'll need to register but the address is

Any way enjoy your meeting and i hope to see you at one of ours, i shall
make it to your guys meeting when the moon is in the correct orbit (or
when i don't have a meeting on the same Thursday as yours, which ever
happens first)


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