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David Lawson sales at personallogistics.co.uk
Mon Feb 5 20:37:45 GMT 2007


We are currently in the early stages of an exciting new business, currently
based in Livingston, (location not to important).
I am involved in building a Linux based logistics platform for a range of
users and market sectors. The Logistics platform will aim to encourage an
environmental impact. The internet business will incorporate a range of web
2.0 and open source/standard technologies. The business will operate both as
a logistics online business and continuous in house beta development.

We are looking to hire a number different roles from senior management to
recent graduates and should anyone be interested please get in touch.

Kind regards 
Personal Logistics Ltd
E-mail: sales at personallogistics.co.uk
Tel: +44(0) 1738 441515

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I'm a co-founder of Edinburgh Robotics, a small start-up working to
create a Linux-based development platform for mobile robots. At the
moment we're looking to hire two more developers and I thought LUGgers
might be interested. 

The two job descriptions can be found at:



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