[Scottish] Ubuntu rampant.....

Claudio Calvelli slug at intercal.dyn-o-saur.com
Thu Feb 15 17:26:02 GMT 2007

> However, in an effort to rescue some files we tried to install Windows
> '98 on my Ubuntu machine, and even though the boot sequence is supposed
> to go CDROM first (I went into the settings and verified this - we were
> trying to install Windows '98 (Thanks Magnus, remember giving that to me
> long ago...?) in order to have a Windows system and to try and hook up
> the HDD from the dead machine as a secondary drive and see if we could
> transfer files across ) -

> HOWEVER - the Ubuntu just boots as Ubuntu no matter what! 

That sound more like a non-bootable CD. If it is Windows 98 upgrade,
rather than install, it won't boot from the CD, no matter what you
do to your BIOS.

Otherwise, if you have a SCSI card somewhere in your PC, it may be
set to override the BIOS boot sequence in order to look for a SCSI
boot disk (happened to me on my old PC - I couldn't figure out why
it wouldn't boot from CD - until it started doing so when I removed
the SCSI card).


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