[Scottish] Ubuntu rampant.....

donothing successfully donothingsuccessfully at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 15 18:02:53 GMT 2007

On 15/02/07, babaguy <babaguy at myway.com> wrote:
>  Hi everyone!Today our Windows machine died - we haven't
>  figured out yet if it was the power device, the
>  motherboard or what -
> However, in an effort to rescue some files we tried to
> install Windows '98 on my Ubuntu machine, and even though
> the boot sequence is supposed to go CDROM first (I went
> into the settings and verified this - we were trying to
> install Windows '98 (Thanks Magnus, remember giving that
> to me long ago...?) in order to have a Windows system and
> to try and hook up the HDD from the dead machine as a
> secondary drive and see if we could transfer files across
> ) -

Why would you install '98?
Just mount the drive under Ubuntu.
'98 can't even read NTFS IIRC.

Or has some nuance escaped me?

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