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babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Sat Feb 17 22:47:50 GMT 2007

 Dear All, 

One SLUGger (at least) has been kind enough to inquire about my deeply doughball Linux antics....here's what happened next!

The windows box died simply because of an exhausted power supply - the HDD was not fried when everything popped! We took the drive to PC Medic in Paisley when we were visiting our chum out there, and they transferred the precious files across for a very reasonable consideration (She batted her eyes at the guy...!). Bought a new power supply, wired it up, fired it up - et VOILA, un ordinateur windows (Fenetres...?) !

THEN the real fun began! 

I picked up my Safecomm ADSL Modem/Router - praised and lauded by certain SLUGger(s) - eagerly awaited, therefore, by yo mismo...

Don't have ethernet connection (yet) on my old PII Linux box, so tried the dreaded USB option (wasn't I here about a month ago?) and anyway - (- surprised..? moi..?) the instructions etc. didn't work under Linux - Linux box would not recognise/or boot the easy set-up - or any set-up -from CD - and the CD has - of course, .exe files, and the only linux-like set-up file I saw was actually empty when I opened it, even in text format!

Spoke today to my pal Tam who uses Mandriva and who gave me some tips re a programme Dis Unwrapper (?) (i think). and also my Dear Sweetheart dedicated some of her precious day to scouring Linux forums and e-mailing me the answers/opinions etc. - 

I'm about to open them !

(Maybe I should get WINE - I understand the 'H' is silent....)

More soon, if I don't watch out!

- Paul B.   


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