[Scottish] Windows Vista Business value thingy

Andrew Back andy at smokebelch.org
Mon Feb 19 15:09:55 GMT 2007

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, ed wrote:

> One things Vista will do is preload favourite apps for quicker load when you 
> want them, don't know if that has any performance impact or how that works 
> for non-MS apps.

Something OpenVMS has been able to do for (probably >20) years:


And J2EE app servers do as a matter of course. But will also slow down the 
startup... And it's not like Windows is the speediest OS to boot hence the 
startup tweaks you can do to put off starting services and the likes.

> Umm, I won a Dell 820D laptop. It claimed on the notce that it was top of the 
> line, but the spec seemed fairly mid to low to me, aprt from the 256MG 
> Graphics card, which may be necessry given the flash in Vista.
> Don't have my hands on it yet, they have to preload Vista and Office 2007 on 
> it, but I don't think the MS top man was too chuffed when I asked  if Lunix 
> had all the drivers for the laptop's kit. So I may not get it after all, or 
> get some dog that is barely running.

Send back the media and license agreement and see if you can get a cash 
refund :o)


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