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William Anderson neuro at
Wed Feb 28 12:15:43 GMT 2007

babaguy wrote:
>  Dear All,  Well, I am now to the point where I realise that Linux is really only ever going to be a hobby, as it just seems to require so much time to simply make up its mind to *function*.......(or for me to read its mind and discover how to make it do stuff..!)I have Ubuntu (as I'm sure you know by now...5.10) -

To be fair, you're using an old version of Ubuntu - 5.10 is well over a
year old now, and the best version you could use in terms of ease of use
is 6.10.  If it's not too much hassle, maybe an upgrade - or better yet
a reinstall - to the latest version could help you make more sense out
of a popular Linux distro?

Also, could you please stop changing the subject line (i.e. Re: to
moRe:), as whatever mailer you're using doesn't respect the References:
header, and changing the subject line screws with list threading
something fierce :)  Not being nasty, just asking a favour! ;)

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