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Hi Kyle ! (and all...)As I say in the first post, the modem which is on this (XP) machine is a BT Voyager ADSL modem - the other modem I just picked up thanks to FREESHARE! is a THOMSON "Speed Touch 330" which is the one I'll try to make work with the linux box.........And the problem is still - where do I go in Ubuntu to configure a modem? I can't see either "modem," "ADSL," "Network connections..."How do I get the Linux machine to recognise BT and log onto its server? What function should I be using to set up and configure a connection to the internet, to get Ubuntu to recognise the modem? ?

I can't find any pages about this in Firefox or Gnome..................(nor do I see the initials "RTFM" (and what do they mean, anyway?) I would have thought that "RTFM" would be a topic or a term in the glossary, but so far I can't find it in UBUNTU.........)

Hope you can help.......!

- Paul B. 

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From: Kyle Gordon [mailto: kyle at]To: scottish at Sat, 13 Jan 2007 19:37:17 +0000Subject: Re: [Scottish] Broadband Question...You certainly don't need to get cable. I don't know who gave you thatidea. If Ubuntu detects your DSL modem (ADSL is the same as DSL for thepurposes of your case), then that's all good. You still don't say whatmodel of ADSL modem you have, so we're back at square one.Kylebabaguy wrote:> Hi Kyle ! Thanks for the tip - Ubuntu detected that there *is* an ethernet device/ability or something on this(lovely) old heap - My sweetheart seems to think we need to get "DSL" as opposed to "ADSL" - does this sound right to you? >> e.g. - do we need to get *cable* ?!!!! I think not, but I'm not techy-speccy enough to be able to confidently rebut or reboot her......>> Hope you can help some more.... - Paul B. >> >> >> --- On Fri 01/12, Kyle Gordon < kyle at > 
wrote:From: Kyle Gordon [mailto: kyle at]To: scottish at Fri, 12 Jan 2007 15:41:54 +0000Subject: Re: [Scottish] Broadband Question...What model of Voyager modem is it? It's best not to use USB, and use Ethernet instead. That way you can use a bog standard network card, about 99% of which are guaranteed to work in any form of operating system. If you use a network card, Linux will support it without the need for any crazy drivers from BT or its 3rd party, 4th partner, 2nd outsourced software/hardware makers in India that happened to get cheapest bid of the day in for BT kit...Kylebabaguy wrote:> Hi SLUGgers! WOW ! >> Okay - so, I've managed (well, my SWEETHEART managed) to make a functioning computer out of a bunch of old stuff, I got a monitor off FREESHARE, I've installed UBUNTU 5.10 - the one they are currently giving away in the smart, inviting packaging > (picked it up from PC Medic in Paisley - nice shop btw) 
- >> - and it seems to WORK ! ! ! >> Perseverance pays off ! (some of you may recall my first attempts w/Linux about 3 years ago - the Suse "Home edition" (NOTHING worked - except Chess at ONE level only!) - and then an earlier edition of Ubuntu...grrrrrrr.....>> - but no more, I sense! >> Okay! Here's my question. We have BT Total Broadband - >> (but I DON'T have the new TOTAL Broadband router - I have a BT VOYAGER ADSL modem - which I also got on FREESHARE. Works good!)>> There is a CD which has the modem driver for Windows XP - it's what I'm using to access the internet on the other computer... (bless it). >> What do I need to do to make my UBUNTU computer recognise the ADSL modem and vice versa? >> Does BT do a CD for installation with Linux? >> Is there one of you SLUGgers who HAS the drivers that will work in Linux and recognise the BT VOYAGER 
ADSL modem? I > currently don't have a CD or DVD re-writer, only CD-ROM (on both the XP and the UBUNTU machines) so I don't think I'll be able to download and burn a version of the driver even if I were to find it on a Linux web driver repository.....>> I hope one of you will be able to help and advise me on this, as I'd REALLY like to be able to get online with the Ubuntu machine.....>> I REALLY like this new-ish Ubuntu, by the way - it's fun! (and it seems to WORK ! )>> Yours in hope, and with THANKS in advance,>> - Paul Birchard >> 

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