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Alex Walker alex at alexwalker.eu
Mon Jan 15 13:13:24 GMT 2007

He was also the first African in space. Isn't he a *billionaire*?

On 15 Jan 2007, at 12:54, Kyle Gordon wrote:

> Network cards are ten a penny now. If you ask nicely I (and others)  
> may be able to bring some along to the meet for nowt ;-)
> Ubuntu is nice and shiny because the very nice man called Mark  
> Shuttleworth is behind it. He's a millionaire or something like  
> that, and likes to spend his money on being a space tourist,  
> running and selling Thawte (the people that make sure online  
> shopping is safe), and Ubuntu. There's a good article about him at  
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Shuttleworth
> Kyle
> babaguy wrote:
>>  Boy oh Boy, Thanks you guys!I now have been forced to LOOK at  
>> (oops! too many capial letters! "I'm typing with capital letters!  
>> I'm typing with capital letters!" (think: 'running with scissors.') -
>> - as I say, FORCED (by my sweetheart) to peruse the windows  
>> machine and the CD *is* a re-writer, so I may hassle around with  
>> firmware download for the Speed Touch - £'s *are* a consideration  
>> just now.......But in a few weeks I should be able to buy me a  
>> modem/router...
>> BTW, we do not have NIC cards for these computers, so the modems  
>> run off the USB only, though I'm going to try to get some ethernet  
>> cables as we have this surge protector/hub thang and it may be of  
>> some use..........for internet connection !
>> I really *do* appreciate all your help - one of these thursdays  
>> you might even glimpse me at the Counting House, where people count!
>> Thanks for being guys I could count on,
>> - Paul B.
>> p.s. last question: Have any of you ever been suspicious about who  
>> actually owns Canonical? The packaging is so well designed and  
>> attractive, but where do they get the money to pay people to put  
>> out a new version every six months, when they are giving it away ?  
>> If anyone knows anything or has opinions about this situation,  
>> please share them with me.
>> - p.b.
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