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Kyle Gordon kyle at lodge.glasgownet.com
Sun Jun 3 10:55:14 BST 2007

Kyle Gordon wrote:
> Some questions from Denmark, if anyone is able to provide a an answer 
> or three...
> Kyle
In the absence of mailmans ability to cope with concepts such as 
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Dear ScotLUG (Linux User Group from Scotland)

We request a pease of national information from your LUG. Our area is
Environmental management and Rural development: That is to save the
environment from unneeded computer garbage by pre-installing a lightweight
Linux-distribution that increase the lifelength with 7-10 years to
renovated computers (such as Xubuntu or Damn Small Linux). As
pre-installed these examples are send to rural schools or low-tech
companies and we hope these people will copy the concept to as much as
possible of the local computers.

Our questions are:
1. Do you have such program in your country?
2. How do you recycle the computers inside your country?
3. Any computer recycling program of computers out of your country that is
comparable with "Recycling for the South" http://ms.dk/sw6029.asp
4. Do you know any of your national LUGs that do train or want to train
their members by pre-installing renovated computers with Linux?

Please help us with these, for us, difficult questions.

Best regards

Phillip Bøgh
Country contact "Recycling for the South" for China
Board member of the Danish LUG: http://en.sslug.dk
Biologist from Århus University
Manager at Scientific.dk
tel.no.: +45 26156200

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