[Scottish] LDAP migration help

Phillip Bennett phillip at mve.com
Wed Jun 13 15:59:08 BST 2007

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> <snip>
>>> objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient
>>> objectClass: person
>>> objectClass: organizationalPerson
>>> objectClass: inetOrgPerson
>>> objectClass: posixAccount
>>> objectClass: top
>>> objectClass: kerberosSecurityObject
>> ObjectClasses start from #0, so value #6 in your LDIF is
>> 'kerberosSecurityObject'
>> This will be included for the attribute 'krbName'.
>> This attribute isn't part of any of the schema files you have included in
>> slapd.conf
> That should say "This ObjectClass isn't part of any of the schema", which
> is 'kerberosSecurityObject', and the attribute is 'krbName'.
> Thanks.


Thanks HEAPS for that guys!  I didn't know anyone would know how to fix this 
so quick!  I am indeed running redhat.  I should have mentioned that, I 
guess...  I have removed all the offending lines from the LDIF file and it 
seems to import fine now.  I will play some more with it tomorrow

At this rate, I should be up and running in no time!

If anyone has any information they think might be of help for this project, 
please pass it on.  This is my first attempt and I'm still reading up on 
everything and how it works.

Thanks again,

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