[Scottish] Looking for a job in Glasgow with an open source friendly firm

Nick Burch scotlug at gagravarr.org
Sun May 20 14:37:34 BST 2007

Hi All

I hope this sort of email is allowed on the list.

I'm looking to move up to Glasgow in the late summer. I was wondering if 
anyone knew of any open source friendly firms looking to hire a developer 
/ sysadmin on that sort of timescale?

I currently work for a 20 person web applications firm, based near Oxford. 
My current job is a mix of systems administration (~20 servers, mix of 
RHEL, Debian, plus a few Win2003), programming in Java, Python, Perl and 
ColdFusion, a bit of dba, and planning+specifying projects.

My current open source / open data interests cover Apache Jakarta, 
OpenStreetMap, OpenGuides and NPEMap.

CV etc available on request, please contact me off-list.


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