[Scottish] Reflashing a BT Home Hub - Advice Needed

Arron M Finnon afinnon at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 2 11:35:11 GMT 2007

Hi Guys,

Well the time has come when i now need to follow my own advice and ask
for some of your guys.  I just know that my newbie status will show out
through this, but what the hey.

I have a BT Home hub (spare), but what i want to do is reflash the
thing.  It apparently runs linux, and it's a normal router that's been
hijacked by BT's own software.  It's a little side project but one that
i would like to do, as far as i understand the thing has an OS and i was
wondering if you basically but a new OS on it.  

I know very little about the router, what really surprised about it is
that there is absolutely no marking determining who the manufacture is,
no documentation on BT's site about the manufacture .  I haven't
telnet'ed into it.  I have done nothing with yet, i thought it better
that i understand the process of doing it first, rather than going with
my usual both feet first what the heck attitude that i normally throw at
these things, there seems to be a few sites going through it, but just
wanted to ask if anyone had experience with this sort of thing, advice,
tips that sort of thing.  I'm unsure what the kernel is in it at the
moment, as it is a modified embedded linux distro.

Any way guys i thank you in advance for any help you guys give, and he
questions you need me to answer just ask, i'll do my best to get the
answer back ASAP.


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