[Scottish] Re: Strange Perl problem: tie

David Baird dave at zerofive.co.uk
Tue Sep 11 23:08:24 BST 2007


Can't identify the specific problem, but a few hints to get you on the
track. First, switch on Perl's safety features - start your script
like this:

#! /usr/bin/perl
use warnings;
use strict;

With 'use strict' in effect, you'll now have to declare all variables
with the 'my' keyword:

my $debug=TRUE;
my $rwflag=O_RDWR();

When you perform the tie, instead of just setting a success/failure
flag, have a look at Perl's system error message in $!:

tie %config,"GDBM_File",$configdatafilename,$rwflag|$crflag,0644 or
die "The tie failed: maybe because of this - $!";

These techniques should give you more information to go on.



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Dr. David R. Baird
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