[Scottish] Mobile phone internet connections

Adam Conway adam at conways.name
Wed Sep 12 22:29:39 BST 2007


I'm involved with organising an event at the end of the month.  I need
to find a way to get a list of names from an office (an hour outside
Glasgow) to a hall (in Glasgow).  We'll need to do this maybe up to
about six times, all on the one day.

We haven't done this for a couple of years.  We used to just fax the
list to the wardens office in Glasgow, but we're using a different venue
this year and that may not be an option.

I don't have a large budget, but could spend a small amount.  What I'd
hoped was that I'd be able to get a pcmcia card which I could put my sim
card in and make an old-fashioned, dial-up connection.  (I'd set up a
special email account for this purpose so I'd only be downloading what I
need so connection speed really isn't an issue but I need to avoid
getting in to any sort of ongoing contract!)

My problem is that no-one seems interested anymore unless it's broadband!

Also, I'd like to be able to do it all from Linux!  (I do have an unused
XP boot option on my laptop if I have to, but I'd like to stick with my
nice Slackware system.)  So, does anyone have any pointers?  Has anyone
ever got a pcmcia mobile phone based modem working on Linux?  (Does
anyone have an old one they've since upgraded to broadband which they'd
be prepared to sell on? Long shot I know, but if  you don't ask...)

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