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Hi Aaron,

I can only speak for myself here, but must say that whilst curious as to 
what you guys had organised, I started to lose the will to live as I paged 
down. So it might be an idea to have a digest / list of contents at the 
top of such mail-outs. So that folks can quickly see if there is 
anything that is of interest to them and then read on if so. The 
voluminous monolithic blocks of text approach I find a bit overbearing!



Andrew Back
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On Thu, 10 Apr 2008, Arron M Finnon wrote:

> The UAD Linux Users Society - Dundee
> News Letter April 08
> Well Hi Guys, happy Easter, and welcome to Aprils newsletter.
> There's a wee bit to talk about but i'll try and keep it short, we've
> had a fantastic run of speakers over the past months.  Coupled with the
> excellent evenings the flash talks have provided, most commenting how
> they'd learned three or four new things in one evening.  Personally i've
> loved them, and the 10th of Aprils flash talks will be fantastic.  From
> Jabber/XMPP to Linux From Scratch, and the one due is matched for a lot
> more of the same.
> We have  had great talks on Drupal, Secure Coding, Regular Expressions,
> Xen and Server Visualisation.
> An interesting talk is planned by our very own Tim Spencer on XSS (Cross
> Site Scripting) and SQL-Injection, which from previous experience of
> watching Tim talk before should be both interesting and entertaining.
> The site is really starting to take shape, there is some improvements we
> have ear marked as needing done, it's the general consensus that we need
> to also make the site, one where people can come and find out about us
> and about Linux.  As with all of these things time us a factor, and once
> the headache of exam's coursework submissions, and the beginning of
> student holidays, and before freshers fair it will get done.  However
> this is not to say that the site isn't active, that great content is
> being posted, and a fantastic bank of handy tutorials, ,reviews, tips,
> and advice isn't found on there.
> Some of the howto guides that are available
> There's Azmodie's (aka Kris Findlay) Guide to posting to Jaiku from the
> command line
> http://thelinuxsociety.org.uk/content/howto-post-to-jaiku-from-the-cmd-line
> and the same for doing it with Twitter
> http://thelinuxsociety.org.uk/content/a-twitter-command-for-your-terminal
> Azmodie came in again with a useful guide for a centralised BitTorrent
> server
> http://thelinuxsociety.org.uk/content/centralised-bittorent-server-using-rtorrent-rtgui
> Kirok (aka Kris Davidson) with handy guide to renaming web files with
> his perl script
> http://thelinuxsociety.org.uk/content/perl-script-to-rename-web-files-and-links
> And a guide by myself on how hamachi can be used to network VM's to
> Guest Machines
> http://thelinuxsociety.org.uk/content/using-vpn-to-network-virtual-machines-to-each-other-and-to-the-guest-os
> Also this week, Kismet seems to be my package of the week, i'll be doing
> a flash talk on it, in addition i have made a howto guide, to talk
> people through configuring Kismet, with GPSDrive and Google Earth and
> using that rig to war drive,  and with our new friend over at the Linux
> Basement (Cheers Chad and Pete) there is a segment on their podcast to
> support this guide, if i erm and err a little you'll have to forgive me
> it was a little nerve racking sometimes.  It should be available on
> either the 10th of April (Thursday) or the 11th of April (Friday) from
> http://www.linuxbasement.com in both ogg and mp3.  The Link to the howto
> guide is
> http://thelinuxsociety.org.uk/content/kismet-gpsdrive-google-earth-howto-war-driving-guide
> Also at the last meeting i mentioned that we need to schedule elections
> soon, these are for the most part the official officers positions, which
> of course is President (me), Vice-President (Jen Higgins), Treasurer
> (Kris Davidson), Secretary (Attila Szomor).  To be eligible to run you
> must be a students studying at Abertay University, so if you fancy
> helping the Linux Society grow, and you want to stand for election if
> you could notify me of your intent to run, and your position your
> running for.  The election of these officers can only be made of Abertay
> Student Votes, however the position of Web Master is open to everyone,
> both in a person wishing to run, and the election of that person.  If
> you want to run for this position then we'll hold the Web Master
> election at the same time as the Officer elections.
> Well that's about it from me folks, hope to see you all over the forth
> coming weeks
> Arron M Finnon
> President
> UAD Linux Society
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