[Scottish] Re: News Letter April 08

Kevin McDermott kevin.mcdermott at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 12:01:32 BST 2008

Hi William,
>  I personally have grumbled about non-scotlug stuff being posted to the
> scotlug list, or non-scotlug stuff being added to the scotlug wiki, but
> mainly because I thought the consensus was that scotlug = glasgow's lug, and
> mailing us about what's going on 50 or 100 miles away seemed a bit daft
> within that context.

ScotLUG has never been Glasgow's LUG, the original intent wasn't that
way, and we've never attempted to be Glasgow exclusively.  Glasgow is
the main city in Scotland, and around half the population of the
country live in and around Glasgow, so naturally, for the purposes of
physical meetings, Glasgow makes the most sense, am sure that even
tho' you don't live in Glasgow yourself, you appreciate that Glasgow
is fairly easy to travel to.

>  I personally have advocated trying to transform scotlug into an "umbrella"
> lug, allowing *all* scottish lugs somewhere to chat, exchange ideas, and
> help each other, and that the traditional glasgow lug meetings become part
> of a more localised glasgow lug.  However, on the two occasions where I've
> put this forward, it's had cold water poured on it, so I haven't
> aggressively pursued it.

I'd argue that's the role that ScotLUG already performs, people with
no local LUG are welcome to attend meetings, or join the #scotlug IRC
channel on Freenode, they might discover some people local to them
that way, and then be able to get physical meetings going more local
to them.

You're free to start CumbernauldLUG, which would obviously be local to
you and am sure that at the Glasgow meetings, you might even meet some
people who are local to you.

>  Anyway regardless, sans a list-wide complaint regarding your own posts, I'd
> keep posting; some definitely find them interesting :)

Personally, I feel that the complaints about the content of Arron's
emails are pretty stupid, there's obviously a vibrant community doing
something interesting, and can see no reason that we'd want to temper
their enthusiasm.

Feel free to send your CumbernauldLUG meeting announcements to the
ScotLUG list, and I'd encourage you to do so.

It's not like the ScotLUG list is high-volume and that Arron's posts
are adding to the burden, so, I'd encourage him again to send emails
to the list, perhaps the "TLDR" was fair comment, but it quickly
degenerated into lunacy after that c.f. willie's email.

Thanks again Arron for your emails, continue to send them, and maybe
the TLDR is good advice, but you're doing good things in the remote
parts of the country..;-)


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