[Scottish] Re: News Letter April 08

Kenny Duffus kenny at duffus.org
Mon Apr 14 11:31:48 BST 2008

On Monday 14 April 2008 01:37:43 Dan Shearer wrote:
> Then I discovered the wiki is locked and I can't remember what I do to
> unock it. Please can someone do the necessary again, thanks :-)

after all the previous stopping spam attempts had failed *sigh* you now need 
to be manually added to a group that has edit/create rights on the wiki, 
frequent users have already been enabled (dan you are now as well) this is 
obviously not an ideal situation, there are various people in #scotlug who 
can give accounts permissions (enter username on 
http://www.scotlug.org.uk/wiki/Special:Userrights and select the scotlug 
group then save) so people should just ask for access



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