[Scottish] Intercommunication between Document formats

Colin McKinnon colin.mckinnon at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 10 21:06:36 GMT 2008

On Thursday 07 February 2008 13:10, John Seago wrote:
> I have had occasion to respond to a public Consultation for the Scottish
> Governement, Using 'Slackware 12.0' and 'Open Office 2.3 Wrtiter', having
> submitted my response I got this reply
> > Unfortunately we were unable to open your response form. Would you be
> > able to try and resend it in Word format if possible.
> I then looked ito it and found 'Open Office' can save documents in over 20
> formats, why isn't the Scottish Government at least using 'Open Office' to
> allow them to interact with all their citizens no matter what operating
> system they use.
> Is there any advocacy group in Scotland that I can refer all my MSP's to
> please? 

Yes - the Cabinet Office (E-Government unit) see 


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