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Arron M Finnon afinnon at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 16 11:24:58 GMT 2008

The University of Abertay Dundee Linux Users Society


Hi Guys,

Well what a start off to this month. The talks have been fantastic and
there is a whole host of other talks planned for the next month or so.
Firstly I would like to thank Gordon Dunlop (Admin TayLUG) for a great
talk as usual on Xen virtualisation, and Barry Carr for his talk on
Regular Expression. Very interesting stuff, cheers guys. We also have
Tim Simpson coming back to do a Drupal inspired talk on the 13th of
March, which is brilliant as it should lay in hand with our new web
presence. TheLinuxSociety.Org.Uk will be going live very soon, and
Drupal is the underlying technology behind it.

XO OLPC update, the XO's are in the UK and should be winging their way
around to us very shortly. We have organised a PR statement through the
University and hopefully it will drum up some media coverage, with the
aim of getting new members. Firstly I would like to personally thank
Jennifer Higgins on organising both the fund raising at the delivery,
and everyone that contributed so generously to such a good cause.

TayLUG mailing! This is the hottest tip your ever going to find in
Linux. It's really heating up over there, with some incredibly nice and
intuitive people making regular posts. Records where broken last month,
and if I'm right in thinking they have been broken this month as well.
Well done to everyone over there, and if you haven't signed up your
really missing out. We have had new friend join up from all the way from
Newfoundland Canada, Pete Haliburton, who is one of the hosts, and
reporters over at www.linuxbasement.com which is a fantastic podcast and
site. They have recently finished their series of podcast's on Drupal,
and they are now doing this season on security. Well worth a listen
indeed (and to the guys over there thanks for the shout out). You can
also find them in IRC at freenode.net #linuxbasement some of our guys
have been over there and I can tell you their a fantastic and friendly
bunch, and well worth a pop in from time to time to say hi.

If you haven't joined the TayLUG mailing list The address is

Gordon does a great job over there at keeping the site up-to-date with
all the local happenings and you can find the site at

The next meeting is scheduled however we are homeless for this night so
I'll be getting back in touch with you all soon to let you know where
our adopted home will be for the night. We have a series of flash talks
planned and by the looks of it we're going to be building on the success
of the last flash talk.

Lee Hughes has agreed to do a talk on the 27th of March inspired about
security within Linux. Lee Hughes has much experience to bring to the
table on this subject, and in fairness is our resident guru on many
subjects. I certainly look forward to his talk.

This is the following schedule of events;

28th February – 7pm – Flash Talk Evening – Location to be confirmed –
but at Abertay

13th March – 7pm – Drupal – Tim Simpson

27th March – 7pm – Security – Lee Hughes 

As usual the society is open to everyone and there is no need to be a
student to join, if you do know someone that wants to know more about
Linux then feel free to bring them along with you.

So here's to a fantastic month so far, and may it continue well on into
the future.

Arron M Finnon


UAD Linux Society

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