[Scottish] Abertay Linux Meeting Room Change for 28th of Feb

Arron M Finnon afinnon at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 23 12:01:14 GMT 2008

Hi Guys,

Firstly can i let everyone know that there has been a change as
discussed to our normal meeting room.  However this change is for this
meeting only and will go back to normal there on in wards.

The room will be moved to 3004 in the Old College building, at the
Abertay Campus.  They'll be a few people at the front of the building to
show people where the room is.  This meeting is the nest in the series
of flash talks (a short 10 minute, talks by members of the society on a
range of subjects that they find interesting).

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish ScotLUG who
anniversary is on the 28th too, a happy 10th Birthday.  Well Done Guys

Arron M Finnon


Abertay Linux Society


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