[Scottish] Urgent help required

Allan MacBain amacbain at adamtonayr.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 11:37:02 GMT 2008

Hi folks,
I *urgently* need someone to complete the installation of a Windows SBS 
2003 Server at our Glasgow office, today (preferably) or tomorrow. 

I know it's a strange request to make on a Linux mailing list, but data 
from a couple of failed drives needs to be restored to, and integrated 
with, the server.
The data was taken off the drives which were previously in the server, & 
which have now been replaced, using an Ububtu live-disc.

Physically the server is now back to normal; but the OS is only partly 

I would gladly do this myself, but I have been struck down by the Winter 
Flu Bug[TM] & am not fit to got out the door; never mind up to Glasgow, 
from Ayr.

The guy who was supposed to do this for me has disappeared into a black 
hole & it needs done last week.

Can anyone who can help, or who knows someone who can help, please reply 
to my email address - amacbain at adamtonayr . co . uk
or call me on T - 01292 479092; M - 07988 167560.

Once we have discussed what can be done, and when, I'll pass you on to 
my employers to deal with.

Allan MacBain - in death warmed up (slightly)

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