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Arron M Finnon afinnon at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 19 13:55:13 GMT 2008

          The University of Abertay Dundee Linux User Society


Hi Guys,

Well we're back and we've started the new year off to a bang. Firstly
can I welcome everyone that is returning back to Abertay for this years
studies, and I hope on a personal note that everyone had a good new

Before the end of last year the One Laptop Per Child project
(www.laptop.org) started their Give one Get one campaign (G1G1), where
if you donated one of their laptops to an under privileged child in the
developing world then they would send you one as a thanks. The UAD Linux
Society took part in this campaign, throughout the month of December and
I'm very pleased to announce that we managed to raise enough funds to
have two laptops sent to to under privileged children. We will also be
receiving two of the OLPC laptops for the society. I would like to take
this opportunity to thank everyone that contributed and give them a well
deserved pat on the back. The two OLPC Laptop (The model name is XO),
will firstly be leant to people that contributed, as our way of
expressing thanks. Then the Linux Society will then be using them to
demonstrate to interested people and parties their use, functionality,
and hopefully encourage people to promote the project and work on
further development. If you know of a group or organisation that would
like have a presentation, talk or demonstration event then please don't
hesitate to make contact.

For those that weren't at meeting on the 17th of January there has been
some changes to the officers of the Linux Society. Jennifer Higgins has
stepped down as Treasurer and Society Representative, and now will be
taking on the role of Vice-President of the Linux Society, may I take
this opportunity to thank her for her current work as treasurer, and rep
and I look forward to her continued work as our new VP. Kris Davidson
was elected as our new Treasurer, and Society Representative, may I take
this opportunity to welcome him aboard and on a personal note I look
forward to working with him within the society.

We have a super line-up of talks and nights planned for the up and
coming month and a half. Dr Gordon Dunlop (TayLUG Administrator, Web
Master, and personal friend of mine and the society) will be doing a
very interesting talk on Xen Virtualization on the 31st of January, and
Barry Carr will be talking about regular expressions on the 14th of
February. We also have our flash talk event planned for the 28th of
February (which was a great success last time). If you know anyone that
would like to attend the talks then they are welcome and bring them
along with you. As usual our meetings are open to everyone regardless of
them being students or not.

As discussed last year we have now been given sponsorship by O'Rilley
book publishers. This means that you can get a 35% discount and free
postage and packaging as a member of our society, when using the UK
Shopping cart on their site (http://www.oreilly.com/) by quoting OR111.
There is much more to come from this sponsorship, however I will make
all the details available on our web site in the following weeks.

That brings me nicely on to the next point in this newsletter. We will
be a full overhaul of our site (www.thelinuxsociety.org.uk) in the
following weeks and I will let you know when it is ready to go live. It
looks to be a very exciting change, with plenty to keep everyone amused.

Well that's all from us this month and I look forward to seeing you all
over the coming weeks.

Arron M Finnon


The UAD 

Linux Society

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