[Scottish] Fraudulent Internet use of my debit card

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Jul 17 10:23:24 BST 2008

John Gordon Ollason wrote:
> I suppose it's inevitable, but my bank statement came back this month 
> and somebody had spent £3000 of my money purchasing stuff on my debit 
> card using the Internet.
> In the last 6 months the only other purchase I made on the Internet was 
> to Amazon UK.
> What is the likelihood that I have picked up malicious javascript or 
> whatever?

If you've *only* bought stuff from amazon with this card, something is 
afoot at amazon.  I find both those deductions to be unlikely.

If you've bought stuff with the card in person from shops as well as 
buying stuff from amazon (more likely), your card has been skimmed or 
cloned, likely by an uberdodgy person behind a till somewhere.

Internet purchasing fraud doesn't necessarily involve you feeding your 
card number into a website, just the use of your card number and not by 
you; the theft can begin at a bricks and mortar point of sale too.


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