[Scottish] Fraudulent Internet use of my debit card

babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Thu Jul 17 18:29:02 BST 2008

Hello All, 

My advice is to get yourself a pay-as-you-go Maestro card - this won't be able to be used outside Europe (for Amazon.com, or stuff in the States, etc. for example) but because it is a pay-as-you-go, it only ever has the amount of money on it that you top it up with.

I first heard about these cards on Radio 4's "MONEYBOX" program(me) and went to their website.

I've checked back on these various cards from time to time, and the one I chose seems to be the best one.

It's provided by 360 Money. Go to: http://www.360money.com/

360 Money is owned by PrePay technologies, the folks who own the yellow boxes that you swipe cards thru to top up your mobile phone, buy power cards, etc. They have a dedicated swiper-upper just for topping up a 360 money card.

The card costs £5 to buy - they charge 8/10's of 1 per cent when you top it up, and if you take money from a cashpoint, they charge you £1.50. 

Their banking is done by Clydesdale Bank.  There are no paper statements, only a web statement...

It's a really good deal, you can use it to pay all kinds of bills, on the web and off - they have one card which is swipe/signature - designed for children buying stuff on the internet, mainly - and they also do one with a chip & pin.

But since the card only ever has the dough you load it up with, there is very little danger of anyone cloning it or ripping you off...

Google "Pre-pay Maestro Cards" to see the other ones...

Best of luck !

- Paul B. 

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