[Scottish] Is my computer now a spam bot?!! (Help!)[Scanned]

Tim Brocklehurst t.brocklehurst at henryabram.co.uk
Tue Jul 22 14:42:09 BST 2008

Closing destination port 25 to outbound traffic on your router/firewall
is also a fair solution. Unless you need port 25 of course. You can also
try logging when packets are sent to a dest port 25.

Tim B.

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Hi Paul,

As others have said correctly, you can check the origin of the spam in 
the message headers - I occasionally find myself receiving several 
(hundred) bounced spam messages that have been spoofed with my email 
address as return path.   These often originate from Turkey or 
Pacific-rim countries.

You are not alone!

I too use a Mac (in addition to several linux systems) and I provide 
advice and friendly help to other Mac users who are new to the world of 
open source...

There is a good serviceable anti-virus available for the Mac, it is easy

to install and does not introduce any unwanted system load.   Mine does 
a full scan of my system every Wednesday night and gives me that extra 
peace of mind that any really smug Mac user needs :-)


Never feel apprehensive again! (We hope)

All the best,

Danny Owens

babaguy wrote:
> Hello All - 
> I opened up my myway inbox just now and saw to my horror a message
apparently sent out by MY e-mail address - e.g. babaguy 'at' myway dot
com and the subject line on the e-mail is something like 'Angelina Jolie
XXX video...'
> I have a mac now, and no anti-virus software as everyone seemed to
think 'Oh, it'll be all right - there aren't many viruses for macs...'
> Have I been spam-bot'ed? 
> If I characterise the message as spam I won't be able to receive any
messages I send myself (to include attachements, etc. so I can print
them later, elsewhere) 
> Probably time to scrap myway, anyway...
> Any thoughts from any of you? Help would be greatly appreciated. 
> Yours apprehensively, 
> - Paul B.  
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