[Scottish] Linux Infrastructure help wanted

Dan Shearer dan at shearer.org
Thu Jul 24 17:02:51 BST 2008

If you're looking for a job and are interested in Linux infrastructure,
I'm looking for people. The work is nearly all Linux, Linux networking
and virtualisation and will suit people who have a background in at
least one of these. On-the-job training is available if some of this is
new to you.


  * Must be able to write scripts for administrative purposes. This
    means shell scripts, and optionally another language

  * Must be familiar with installing and running various web

  * Must know where to begin looking when a server starts to have

  * Must know at least what all of the following are, and the more you
    know about them the better: LVM, iptables, rsync, package
    management, revision control, nagios.


  * Positions are in the central belt. One of the positions involves regular
    travel within the UK.

  * In addition to fulltime positions, there may be some part-time
    work available, minimum 3 days per week.

  * Salary: depends on experience and skills, doesn't it always :-)

  * Equal opportunity: if you know BSD well but not Linux, that's fine!
    If you know Linux well but not Debian/Ubuntu, that's fine too.

  * Drivers license well-regarded

Next Step:

You send me a CV, then we have a chat somewhere relaxed.  It would be
helpful if you could briefly show me over a system you maintain via an
ssh session maybe, or perhaps just your laptop. Alternatively you might
just prefer to comment on a system I create for the occasion.

Dan Shearer
dan at shearer.org

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