[Scottish] Hard Disk Storage Array going abegging...

Ian Henery ian at henery.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 21:10:36 BST 2008

Hullo Linux Users,

I've got a Sun Storedge D1000 storage array with 6 of 72 GB SCSI hot-swap disks in it.

No idea if it works or not (was sold to me as working, but haven't verified this).

Free to the first person who says they want it (but you'll need to collect it from my flat in Scotstoun, west side of Glasgow).

It is a rather noisy beast, by the way, not for a quiet domestic environment!

Ian Henery

PS I was at a few LUG meetings a few years back (very enjoyable) but have quietly lurked since then...

PPS Sincere apologies to the moderator - I tried posting this, but with my other (non-SLUG list) email address.  Hopefully it's okay this time...

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