[Scottish] Linux Laptop

John¹ seago.john at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 15 19:15:47 BST 2008

My Daughter has moved into a cottage of her own, tomorrow the phone will be 
connected, and as last Thursday was her birthday I have offered to buy her 
a laptop and router, (this latter dependent on broadband being available 
in her village outside Inverness.

The minimum specs need to be minimum 14" screen, DVD drive, mains electric 
input via whatever thingy that needs, and a socket she can plug a mouse 
into as she doesn't like touchpads. I need to be able to get Linux to run 
on it, preferably Slackware 12.1, if the hard drive's big enough I'd like 
to get it to dual boot, (which seems from what I've heard to preclude 
Vista), although I may need help with that as I ditched Microsoft 
completely and have used Slackware exclusively since version 7. Hence the 
reason for it being capable of running some form of Linux as I can 
probably fix minor glitches by with Microsoft, I be as t eh mercy of 
some 'tech help' somewhere.  I'll also need a non-wireless router, (which 
seem to be a dying breed), and I'd really like the lot to come to about 
£500·00, but we can go higher for better quality, all suggestions welcome.
John Seago
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