[Scottish] Wiki spam

Gary Hendricks merlin at project415.org
Sat Mar 15 06:30:11 GMT 2008

On 14/03/08 21:14, Claudio Calvelli wrote:
> I've just deleted a few tons of spam from the wiki - for the n-th time
> since the same spammers keep coming back. I'm referring to RoldoMolob,
> TatacNaget, BaselTcoro, OuladOmbor, DarroLalno -- who seem to appear
> and add spam minutes after one removes it. Can somebody who can, ban
> them?

A relatively simple deterrent is a captcha.

Yet another but more interactive way would be to use Akismet 

I have used both of these types and are very simple to stop the vast 
majority of spam.

Once your system is a target, they will not be aware of any changes for 
a while if you implement simple measures.

They would have to revisit your site and reconfigure their spam bot.


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