[Scottish] BCSG Talk on The Semantic Desktop this monday

Kenny Duffus kenny at duffus.org
Thu Apr 2 12:19:52 UTC 2009


The BCS Glasgow Branch talk this monday may be of interest to some people it 
is on the semantic desktop:

  Date  Monday 6th April 2009
  Location  Lord Todd, University of Strathclyde
  Speaker  Laura Dragan (Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Galway, 
  Synopsis: In traditional desktop architectures, applications are isolated 
islands of data - each application has its own data, unaware of related and 
relevant data in other applications. Individual vendors may decide to allow 
their applications to interoperate, so that e.g. the email client knows about 
the address book. However, today there is no consistent approach for allowing 
interoperation and a system-wide exchange of data between applications. The 
Semantic Desktop paradigm adopts the ideas of the Semantic Web paradigm and 
offers a solution to the data interoperability problem based on formal 
ontologies able to capture a shared conceptualization of desktop data in RDF 
(Resource Description Format), as a common data representation format. 
Together, these technologies provide a means to build the semantic bridges 
necessary for data exchange and application integration.




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