[Scottish] Orkney Linux User Group

Andrew Johnston admin at andrewj.org
Sun Dec 13 16:14:53 UTC 2009

Once upon a time, on a remote set of islands in the north of Scotland
- not quite as remote as Shetland, but remote nevertheless, there were
no Linux user groups.

Darkness was all around - the Linux users scattered few and far
between. /Are there only Windows users here?/ they asked themselves.
/I must be the only Linux user in the whole of Orkney./

But one thread, on one forum, changed it all. Some of Orkney's Linux
users found each other. And, naturally, they came together, and a
Linux user group - a /small/ Linux user group - was formed. This was
just the beginning...

Hello scotlug members! I'm Andrew, and I, along with a few other
people, am currently 'setting up' the Orkney Linux User Group, as
Orkney, for some reason, has sadly been without one. So far, we've:

- Registered orklug.org.uk
- Set up a wiki there
- Got a mailing list sorted at Google Groups
- Registered #orklug on Freenode (five minutes ago)

Obviously, if you know anyone, or ARE anyone, from Orkney who uses
Linux (or has an interest) then we'd be glad to see them. But I have
two questions for the mailing list, as to not make this purely

1. Does anyone know what has happened to lug.org.uk? I've tried
contacting them regarding using their servers for Mailman, but there's
no response. (Hence the use of Google Groups)

2. Any tips/help/advice on starting a LUG? (The obvious question, really.)

Anyway, thanks -  any help would be much appreciated.


Andrew Johnston

PS. For STV/ITV1 viewers - no, not /that/ Andrew Johnston... :P

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