[Scottish] All Stock must go (says SWMBO)

Colin McKinnon colin.mckinnon at ntlworld.com
Sat Feb 21 16:02:32 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Wife says I've got to get rid of this stuff, so thought I'd let the list have 
first dibs on everything. 

I'm getting rid of PCS, networking stuff and a printer. Details below. Open to 
offers on everything.

Drop me an email by Next Saturday (28th) or it goes on eBay.

Buyer collects from Paisley (or delivery for a small charge).

1 x IBM PC (200 MX pentium?) unknown condition - FREE
1 x 500MHz Celeron in v. slimline case - FREE
1 x Neoware Thin Client - £10
	This is essentially a laptop mobo in a v. small desktop case. Solid state 
	disk has Neoware Linux image installed. 1 PCI expansion slot. Ideal
	base for printserver / firewall / video recorder
1 x HP XE3 laptop - £30
	Backlight gone but works with external monitor/TV. CD writer / DVD player
	Mains adaptor. 384Mb / 20 Gb HD / 1 GHz Celeron Currently configured dual
	boot PCLinuxos2007 and MS Windows XP. Includes wireless PCMCIA

1 x NTL Cable router - FREE
1 x Linksys/Cisco Wireless-G USB adaptor (unused) - £3
1 x Zyxel branded Wifi USB dongle (unused) - £2
1 x RJ45 crimp tool - £3
1 x ethernet cable tester - £10

1 x USB to (parallel ATA) IDE adapter - attach 5.25/3.5/2.5 HDs, CDs, DVDs 
	externally via USB. Own PSU, works with Linux   (boxed, unused) - £3
1 x as above but unboxed, used - £2
1 x Freezer 64 Pro High Performance CPU cooler (boxed, unused) - £10
	Fits AMD64 socket 754, 939, AM2
1 x 240V Mains Energy Monitor - £4
	Plug into mains, plug load into back gives digital display of 
	mains voltage, current, power/peak, current and average
1 x Epson Stylus Photo 830 inkjet printer - £7
	Including Parallel cable
Several Emtec DDS4 tapes £1 for unused 50p for used.   

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