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Wed Jul 15 11:13:46 UTC 2009

Apache httpd

We have also developed several in-hose scripts to gather network
information using PHP, Perl, shell script (BASH) and snippets of Ruby.

The WiFi network infrastructure is built using MTI AP5822E0 5GHz
bridges and MOIRE access points (designed by myself using Mikrotik
Routerboards ) and OpenWRT solution flashed into
NanoStation2 Ubiquity devices.
The wired infrastructure is a mix of Linux-based routers and gateways
running Ubuntu LTS 8.04 on ML110 HP servers, HP managed switches and
many different unmanaged switches.

I'm trying my best to keep the infrastructure as open as possible in
means of used solutions, however sometimes (like in case of Mikrotik -
which is based on GNU/Linux, but has many proprietary add-ons)) there
are much cheaper and more efficient solutions available on the market
than OSS. OSS can become very expensive :)

The network uses OpenDNS solution to make the service more secure and
to filter improper traffic.

We are also preparing a community-driven portal page for WiFi users
based on Drupal as a part of the European-funded project Incluso
( .
Besides other information the portal will also include webcams from
some interesting spots from the target areas.

I would really appreciate some help with RTP-based webcams (Axis or
anything else) - my idea is to stream RTP to a Linux server, get VLC
to get the stream and transcode that stream to a format which Flash
understands, so it can be displayed on the website. I have developed a
solution,however I'm far from feeling happy about it, so if anybody
has any experience with such setup please let me know. I am totally
opened to other solutions - maybe moving JPEG would do?!

If you have any questions about the project or if you might want to be
involved in it (let me know how:) please mail me. And - if you (or
your mates) happen to live in Middlefield even better - we can get you
a fast connection to the internet for free. Or a bit slower connection
by simply connecting to the WiFi network (SSID: ConnectedMiddlefield)
using your laptop or mobile phone.

Have a great time.

PS: Many thanks goes to Gavin from SuretecSystems - his knowledge
spans much beyond of any other sysadmin I know. Thank you for your

Marcel Hecko, MDes
Connected SHMU Project Manager

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