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Andrew Back andy at smokebelch.org
Tue Dec 14 11:58:54 UTC 2010

On (16:28 12/12/10), Julian Gibson wrote:
> All
> I'm thinking of doing the RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) exam as part
> of a process to get a job where I spend less of my time using MS and
> more on what I've been using at home for over 10 years.
> Anyone got any hints, tips, war stories, gotchas, whatever from having
> done this or considered and rejected the idea that they'd be willing to
> share?

I realise that this is not what you asked, however... I decided to do an LPI
cert rather than RH or Novell, for the simple reason that it didn't seem to
make sense as an open source advocate to go and do a vendor certification.
Most, if not all vendors can't help but try and lock you in, and I wasn't
interested in learning about a particular vendor's Linux "value add"
proposition and the associated proprietary bits. I mean I'm sure they teach
you a bunch of transferable skills, but why bother if there is a largely
distro agnostic alternative? (that may be much cheaper too)

That said I appreciate that we do live in a world where $SHINY wins-out and
marketing hyperbole counts for something, sadly. So, it may be that you'd
get more mileage out of a vendor cert. It'll almost certainly make dealings
with the mind brokers less painful, as they're programmed to respond to
brands and product names and prefer not to concern themselves with precisely
what is is that their stock in trade actually does.



Andrew Back
a at smokebelch.org

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