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Are you a software developer interested in providing a long-term future 
for your work? Do you have the time to attend an expenses-paid*, one-day 
JISC workshop in London on 7 July 2010? If so, please read on to see how 
you could contribute to development recommendations from the JISC.

To register for the workshop, email events at software.ac.uk with the 
subject ‘Workshop registration’.

Developers can spend years creating software only to see their efforts 
lost because their software’s future wasn’t adequately planned. Planning 
for the long-term future not only conserves development effort, it also 
helps the funding councils see a better return on their investment. We 
intend to find the best methods for achieving a long-term future for 
software. We will refine these methods with help from developers, and 
publicise them so that the whole development community can benefit.

What are the best methods for providing your software with a future? 
That’s where the workshop comes in. It’s only worth recommending methods 
that developers will actually use, so we will hold the workshop to meet 
with developers, ask them for their advice and gain their opinion on our 
ideas. The outcomes of the workshop will shape both the JISC’s guidance 
given for software development and the work of the newly formed Software 
Sustainability Institute. By attending the workshop, you will have a 
chance to guide software policy and ensure that it reflects the needs of 

The workshop will run from 10.30-16.00 on 7 July and will take place at 
Brettenham House (London, WC2E 7EN). The day will start with a few short 
presentations on sustainable development, but will mainly consist of 
small groups of developers discussing their ideas and refining our 
ideas. For more information, visit the workshop website 
(www.software.ac.uk/SustainingSoftware.html) or contact 
events at software.ac.uk.

We are a team of software experts from Curtis+Cartwright 
(curtiscartwright.co.uk) and the Software Sustainability Institute 
(software.ac.uk) who have been funded by the JISC to investigate the 
best methods for preserving software. Our study will lead to 
recommendations on topics such as how to choose which software to 
preserve, which sustainability model to adopt and how to develop for a 
long-term future.

More information
• Registration email: events at software.ac.uk
• Questions: matt.shreeve at curtiscartwright.co.uk
• Workshop website: http://www.software.ac.uk/SustainingSoftware.html
• Venue: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/contactus/findus/london.aspx
• Curtis+Cartwright: http://www.curtiscartwright.co.uk
• The Software Sustainability Institute: http://www.software.ac.uk
• Software preservation blog: http://softwarepreservation.jiscinvolve.org
• *Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed (standard class train 
tickets or equivalent). The workshop and the accompanying lunch are free.



Simon Hettrick.
The Software Sustainability Institute
(0)2380 598 871



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