[Scottish] State of the Map Scotland - Openstreetmap Conference

Callum Noble callum at citizen-erased.co.uk
Wed Aug 17 17:06:23 UTC 2011

Forwarding this to the list on behalf of Bob Kerr:

Hello All

The Openstreetmap Community are having a conference in Glasgow on the
26/27th August the details are here


The conference is free and using the non-conference style anyone is
allowed to speak so long as it has something to do with Openstreetmap,
GIS or mapping stuff.

Everyone welcome

At present we are getting closer to mapping the whole of  Scotland
using the OS Opendata and Bing Satellite imagery.

You can see from this map that we are over 75% in all areas and over 95% in many


if you would like to see more details this list will give you a
greater insight into the whole of the UK


If I look at the Falkirk page


you can see a list of the roads we still have to put into Openstreetmap

and if you click on the map on the right hand side it will show you
where those roads are

I hope there are some people on this list who are into databases and
visualising data and would like to use Opensource tools to play around
with the Openstreetmap data.

There is even a linux DVD for your burning pleasure full of linux goodness




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