[Scottish] Scotlug - 27th January 2011!

Dave Hibberd dave at apartment3.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 21:00:02 UTC 2011

Evening Scotluggers!

Time to make a positive start with Scotlug this year - I'll start off the
proceedings by talking at everyone!

The talk this time round is called "Shouting at Satellites", and the theme
is what I spend my life doing - Listening to, and shouting back at
satellites, and more importantly how open source technologies have made that
task much easier.

It's happening on Thursday the 27th of this month in the usual place - see
the wiki at www.scotlug.org.uk if you're forgotten!

I hope this is of interest to some folks - as I suggest on the wiki, I'll
cover both hardware elements and some software details and have a few props
and bits and bobs to show off, so there should be something to poke at, even
if I'm not of interest.

I'll drop you all a message closer to the time to remind you!

If anyone has any ideas or wants to talk on what they love in the world of
Free & Open Source Things, drop me a message and/or shuffle over
leave a note!

Best Regards,

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