[Scottish] Cost of M$ in councils.

Colin Speirs edhogg.equus at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 01:13:56 UTC 2011


As fr the guy who said that only the IT staff
> would need re-trained, I have a figure, quoted from a councilor (in a
> related, but not identical incident) that retraining the technical
> support team (this is for schools) would cost "in the tens of
> thousands.",
> That was me quoting.

The bloke I spoke to reckoned that most folk in the office used

Email Client
Web interface
Specific applications, many of which were web based

Since they had been using Office 2003, he thought most would adapt quickly
to OpenOffice

He thought Evolution would not be a hard adapt from Outlook

Firefox wasn't too different from IE and some folk already had it

And the application stuff, that would require some adaptation, but the
majority of it was server based. There would be expenses in fixing some IE
specific javascript.

Since the big changes would be on the server side, he foresaw most of the
training on IT staff and key users who could then travel around and help the

Then he said though that being tied into the technology at the silly level
(Excel mainly) would be a hell of a friction to deal with


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