[Scottish] BBS / mini social network network software

Colin McKinnon colin.mckinnon at ntlworld.com
Fri Apr 19 22:51:13 UTC 2013

On 19/04/13 19:06, Ronald MacDonald wrote:
> I've had a good bit of success with Symphony. Drupal's great too and 
> tends to be what I use if I need a site up real quick. It is, however, 
> overkill in most instances.
Thanks Ronald, Lisha, Kenny.

I'm rather being pulled in 2 directions here. On the one hand, the 
programmer in me wants something simple to tinker with and extend, but I 
keep reminding myself that I just don't have the time to do that and 
need a turn-key solution.

The last time I'd looked at Drupal, it still seemed to be bag of bits - 
it seems to have moved on a bit. openoutreach looks like a neat bundle - 
but I really hate the whole concept of 'responsive design' there are 
real technical issues with it as a design philosophy - but my real gripe 
is that every 'responsive design' website I've ever looked at on a 
desktop browser is so *u*g*l*y* - they look like something designed by / 
for 5 year olds. Still the gallery for openoutreach suggests not all is 

Since I'd prefer a turnkey solution, I'm staying clear of frameworks. 
Even when I've got the time to do proper development work, I find 
frameworks of limited value. And anything which abstracts data access I 
find a PITA.

I also had a look at Anahita which seems interesting.

No obvious signs of user quotas / archiving support in what I've looked 
at so far.

The forum really is the important bit. While there's lots of forum 
software available, they mostly use some sort of markdown if any sort of 
styling is available.

Will update when I've thought about this some more.


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