[Scottish] Router suitable for a small home network

John Gordon Ollason john at houseofdeer.co.uk
Sun Dec 8 22:16:33 UTC 2013

I have a small domestic network comprising my linux box (wired), my wife's  
PC (wireless), an Iyonix (a computer that nobody has ever heard of)  
(wired), the tv (wired) a RaspberryPi (wired), and a network printer  
(wireless). I am connecting to a bog-standard dsl broadband ISP.

  On Thursday last at 0640 we had an almost directly overhead stroke of  
lightning: flash, bang, and the lights went out. We were lucky: the only  
casualty was the router; a neighbour lost all of his electronic equipment.

  I went to town to the only computerish shop and bought the only  
replacement router that they stock TP-Link TD-W8961ND and I am not very  
impressed with it.

  The web-interface is extremely slow and hangs a lot. The router seems to  
be rather sensitive to temperature and has needed to be restarted after  
only about 8 hours of service, and with the feeble web interface, that  
took about 20 minutes. In fact the web-interface has died altogether now  
so I can't reconfigure it or do a soft reboot, but at least it's talking  
to me.

So off I went to PCWorld was sold a Netgear D6200, get it home and  
discovered that it can't be configured by an ethernet connexion: it has to  
be configured wirelessly. So I configured it and it was easy to get my  
wife's PC online. Then I tried plugging in the ethernet connectors.  
Nothing, Downloaded the manual from Netgear: nothing helpful. Fiddled  
about with the connectors and got two out four connected but only for a  
short while (the sockets have a nasty floppy feel about them). So it's  
going back to PCWorld tomorrow.

So can anybody recommend a decent no-frills, solid router with at least  
four ethernet sockets and wifi that can be reliably configured from a  

Thanks in advance.

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